Re: Forgive my ignorance! Am I creating several reverse loops on my proposed layout?

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>


Three Suggestions as you are new to DCC and perhaps N Scale Unitrack
(but for now...I will only burden you with one)
1. Kato Unitrack (computer generated) plans can be a bit deceptive as to actual performance and even given spacing.
 Looking at your basic design, I believe you will be running short 4 Wheel Switchers and short trains of 5-7 cars.
That is not Passenger Trains of ABBA consists with upwards of 17-21 cars or even short to medium steam locomotives.
And in the retrospect...
That is after you have created this plan for actual use....
>>> You maybe sorry.
Every switch, every tight curve, every reverse loop and every graduation of track into an ever increasing percentage of grade is just looking for trouble.
Plus when ever possible Avoid S Curves or those transitions which even suggest such a thing.
>>>  My first suggestion is to ONLY run the outside single track first. <<<
That is the Green Line.
This too will change as you test it and run it with your preferred locomotive and train length.
Once you have it up and running....
Step back and think again.....
FIRST = Find Success !
There is so much more to learn and un-learn.
I would really like to see you SURVIVE your first layout.
:)) Mark

Consider this Man's Journey through N Scale as inspiration to your own efforts

One more strong suggestion...
Share with us...Which of the many or few perhaps just one N Scale Locomotive you are considering operating upon your layout.
Not everything in N Scale will operate well even on 19 inch curves; nor through #6 Kato Switches.

And Yes, Manufacturers Lie; while most Train Store Clerks don't actually have an Operational N Scale Layout at Home.
They are simply doing what the Economics of Today demand and are throwing a wider loop to bring in a larger herd.
With that said....I tend to be a Maverick and test everything for and upon my layout.
My given radius for my N Scale Layout is currently 28 to 71 inches and includes mostly Parabolic Curves...Not 90 Degree Curves.

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