Re: Forgive my ignorance! Am I creating several reverse loops on my proposed layout?

Tom O Hara

It is much easier to see with your colorizing.

Someone suggested that you take this to the layout design group, and I agree that is a better place to get more opinions. But I would make a few comments to get you started. The left end with the yard has at least three reversing loops... maybe four. Including ones inside others. These would be very difficult to wire and maintain the logic. The middle second goes around and around with not much operation connection to the rest of the railroad. The right hand end is a spaghetti  bowl of track that would be hard to build and goes around the same scenery in a confusing and, I think you'd find, very redundant path. There may be another reverse loop trapped between the right and left ends, but I am not sure.

Again, I think this is more a subject for the Layout Design group. But I really hope you'll reconsider the center and right sections to have less track and a simpler flow. I think you'd like the operation much better. 


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