New Turnouts

Daniel Thomson

Recent posts have had elaborate "recipes" for prepping various turnouts to make them more DCC friendly. Please be aware that some manufacturers have been doing the same. We may need to add time stamp information in describing some brand's pre and post upgrades.

N Scale Peco - Insulfrog vs Electrofrog may all be going to an improved DCC friendly "Unifrog".
HO Scale Peco - Haven't heard any confirmation but might follow suit.
I will try to get more info on the above.

HO Scale Walthers Shinohara Code 83 - With Mr. Shinohara's retirement and no willing successor the bad news this last year was Walthers needed to find a new manufacturer. The good news is they found one. The great news is they will maintain the same dimensions and geometry of the Shinohara designs yet be adding the wish list of improvements brand new tooling will facilitate. Along with over-center spring action to hold points (no need to remove if switch machine driven) these are designed DCC Friendly including attached wiring leads. Even the ties will have starter holes on the underside for those who tack their track down. Walthers has announced the flex track, #4, #5 and #6 turnouts around April and larger turnouts late this year.

We will need to reevaluate the DCC Friendliness of these improved models as they hit the market.

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