Re: Forgive my ignorance! Am I creating several reverse loops on my proposed layout?

Tom G.

Hi Carl,

The purpose of the layout is to run trains with my 7 year old and get him building different pieces. Not as structured as some. Being able to run multiple trains and for him to play in different sections. Thanks for the link!


On Mar 3, 2019, at 9:20 AM, Carl <carl.blum@...> wrote:

Hello Tom:

My first question is: What is the purpose of your layout, how do you plan to operate? Run trains, switching, scenery, etc.

Plus NMRA has a special interest group that plans layouts, you might look them up.


On 3/2/2019 6:58 PM, Tom G. via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Tom,

Were you able to view the image? I’ll attach it here in case. My intent isn’t to purposefully create reverse loops. I think by design I’m creating them inadvertently. I haven’t decided yet if I should alter the layout to avoid them. Aside from the extra cost it seems fairly simple? Thanks for the tip about the train fully fitting in the loop. I’m aware from another post but I will make sure. Thank you!


On Mar 2, 2019, at 11:11 AM, Tom O Hara via Groups.Io <tomohara314@...> wrote:

Reverse loops can definitely be a problem, and I have seen reverse loops inside of reverse loops. Real problems! You'll probably solve this with auto-reversers, but you just have to make very certain that you aren't shorting between the rails. That means, in general, that you need your entire train inside the section that's reversing. There are exceptions, but it is a good rule to work with. It would help if you could publish a picture of your layout plan that some of us could study a bit.



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