Re: Powering Hinged Point Rails

Jerry Breon

I appreciate the comments of those who have responded to my query. Because my staging yard switches are not ballasted nor part of the visible scenery, I am proceeding to carefully solder a 24-gauge solid feeder wire to the inside of each point rail near its hinge location. The feeder passes below the roadbed thru a hole large enough in diameter (3/16") so as not to inhibit point travel and then connects to the appropriate buss. This approach seems to be working well on the switch completed in this manner so far. All of my visible and ballasted turnouts are hand laid with continuous (non-hinged) point rails so the feeder wires (and associated 3/16" holes thru roadbed) are not necessary for the movable portion. 

Jerry Breon
Mooresville, NC 

PS: Like "Swanny" I, too, replace the furnished Tortoise actuator wire with a stiffer version (in my case, .032" stainless safety wire twisted to further stiffen and straighten it).

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