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Al Silverstein

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The files and photos sections were locked.
These features have been unlocked.
Al Silverstein

From: David McBrayer
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2019 11:28 PM
Subject: Re: [w4dccqa] Wiring a DCC layout
A problem under the Files and Photos tab in the left column.  What I thought was an active blue button is not blue enough to be functional.  The other groups I participate in at this domain allow user created folders and photo albums. 
My question for the administrators: What is the ACTUAL procedure for a User/Member to create a new File Folder as a means of demonstrating a challenge or concept?  Does the creation and/or upload have to be performed or authorized by an Administrator?  Under the Help icon in the group header there is no content re adding Files or Photos.  It merely shows the tabs. 
—Dave McBrayer

On Feb 27, 2019, at 23:00, David McBrayer <d_mcbrayer@...> wrote:

I meant the location of this discussion group, ‘’
It turns out the pictures tab in the left column. does NOT have a ‘create new folder’ button.  However, the Files tab in the left column Does have a create new folder and an Upload File button.  Create a new folder under the Files tab using suitably descriptive terms or your name.  Review the names used for the other folders for ideas.  Once you have decided on a folder name click the Create Folder button and follow the prompts.  Upon completion, click the upload File button and follow the prompts.  Pictures have been uploaded under the Files Tab.  “*.JPG” filetypes seem to be the most common image filetype used.  Having done this once, you will appreciate its simplicity. 

—Dave McBrayer

On Feb 27, 2019, at 17:21, digitaldanm@... wrote:

Dave, when you mentioned "log into the main site" are you referring to or to some other site? Sorry for the newbie question.


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