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Hi thank you so much that's extremely helpful, yep definitely making good use of Youtube at the moment
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My brother I'm fairly new myself however I'm a year plus into it. I never heard of the components you're using so I'm keeping my comments to the basics. First design your layout with power districts that will help you isolate the future shorts. I isolated the main lines, turnouts, yards, turntable, etc. Secondly, use 14awg wire for power district buses, 18awg wire for track wire drops to the bus and connect every piece of track to the bus. Soldier or make sure each track joiner is flawless. Most problems result from that connection. Finally once the layout track is connected and the electric voltage is constant throughout, your next challenge is to make sure the locomotives and rolling stock run smoothly forward and backwards.  I wouldn't permanently attach track until your happy with the operation. Once you're at that stage you can advance into JMRI. At that point tweaking your locos to speed matching will bring your operation to another level of pleasure, because trains will rarely derail except for the human error of course. Hope I helped you. Don't be discouraged and make YouTube your friend. 

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Hi I am new too this group and was hoping someone could tell me how to wire up the layout shown in the attachments please. I am completely new too model railways and DCC and also a complete novice with electrical (I know not the best combination). I will be using peco setrack 100 (am I correct in thinking in that I will only have a choice of insulfrogs), all my points and the turntable will be under manual control and the layout will be on a 9ft x 4ft baseboard controlled by a gaugemaster prodigy advance2.
Thank you for any help anyone can provide it will be whole heartedly appreciated.

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