Re: Wiring a DCC layout

David McBrayer

I meant the location of this discussion group, ‘’ 

It turns out the pictures tab in the left column. does NOT have a ‘create new folder’ button.  However, the Files tab in the left column Does have a create new folder and an Upload File button.  Create a new folder under the Files tab using suitably descriptive terms or your name.  Review the names used for the other folders for ideas.  Once you have decided on a folder name click the Create Folder button and follow the prompts.  Upon completion, click the upload File button and follow the prompts.  Pictures have been uploaded under the Files Tab.  “*.JPG” filetypes seem to be the most common image filetype used.  Having done this once, you will appreciate its simplicity.  

—Dave McBrayer 

On Feb 27, 2019, at 17:21, digitaldanm@... wrote:

Dave, when you mentioned "log into the main site" are you referring to or to some other site? Sorry for the newbie question.


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