Re: Older Shinohara 3 way turnout

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

Ah ?
I struggled with Shinohara Track from 1973 to 1982 in a #209 John Armstrong Track Plan.
I haven't got much nice to say about either one of them.
After spending hundreds of hours with an NMRA Gauge, increasing the turnouts and radius from the given plan and soldering the entire layout....
I could not effectively run anything better than a Con For SW 1200 with no more than 5 cars behind it.
In 1982, I bought my first house on my first 30 year mortgage. I put that layout up in the attic by 1983, and left it there when I sold that house in 2003.
I did not allow myself to become infatuated with N Scale till 2012, in a whole other this time paid for basement with a house on top AFTER seeing a video on Kato Unitrack.
Maybe N Scale ain't so bad....I was considering going back to HO; and began to buy both including O Scale and even G.
It was not until 2014, when I even allowed myself to open up my N Scale Time Capsule from 1982.
By that time, I was well on my way to complete DCC with Sound. 
:)) Mark

There might be a Shinohara 3 Way Turnout in that 1982 Drawer.
Do no harm.....
I would feel guilty if I sold it to anyone; but I may use it one day as a partial template.
There was a special 3 way electronic switching motor developed for it, in the yet to become Silicon Valley at the still up and running Train Store in Santa Clara in 1977. I may use it one day on a hand laid 3 way switch.

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