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If you haven't already seen the diagram I have of the Peco Electrofrog on my website, check it out at:

I've never soldered to a Peco Electrofrog frog because of the wire they provide, but I have successfully soldered to many frogs of other manufacturers turnouts.  While I think you can solder to the Peco, I suggest perhaps a better course of action for the Peco.  The rails leaving the frog (see my diagram on my website) are part of the frog on a Peco.  Solder to one of the rails shown in green away from the frog.  This is preferred so that you are less likely to melt any ties around the frog and risk messing up the critical alignment of the frog.

To power route the frog, you need to cut the two jumpers I show in my website that say "cut jumpers".  This isolates the frog so that you can power route it.  You can try using a standard old-fashion razor blade to do this from the top of the turnout.  It might be thin enough to get through the gap that Peco provided in the turnout.

Everyone else:

If you install Peco Electrofrog turnouts but initially want to try to use them without power routing the frog, still drop the wire Peco provides that is attached to their frog through your table top.  Attach about 10" of wire to Peco's wire to make it long enough to use later without trying to solder a wire to it later under your benchwork in the future.

Allan Gartner
Wiring For DCC

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