Re: Wiring Peco Electrofrogs

John Johnston <towboatjohnston@...>

It sounds like you failed to use insulated joiners on the two inside rails at the point end of the frog.  There is no substitute for doing that.  Once you install the insulated joiners, you may be able to get away without power-routing the frog until the electrical connection through the point rails becomes unreliable and locomotives start losing power as they go through the turnout.


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Subject: Re: [w4dccqa] Wiring Peco Electrofrogs


I have an issue with my Peco Electrofrog turnout with DCC.  It seems that I have may have failed to modify the turnout, and also have definitely failed to connect the frog to my tortoise switch machine for power routing prior to installation on the layout!  OUCH.  Modifying in place will be a pain but I can ultimately manage that :( 
My question is, can I solder a wire to the frog and connect to the tortoise WITHOUT having to completely pull up the turnout and use the provided wire underneath?  Has anyone done this?
Currently, as the turnout is being thrown, I get a short.  Then, once the turnout has completed it's diversion, I can reset the short and visa versa. 
Please advise. 
Thanks, Jim

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