Re: Track Voltage for N Scale Sound Decoders ?

Charles Brumbelow

Mark - Do your steam locomotives with 8 connected drivers need #8 or gentler turnouts/switches?

Thanks. Charles

On Friday, February 22, 2019, 2:20 AM, Mark Cartwright via Groups.Io <marcdecapri@...> wrote:

You might want to consider...Getting that 2-6-6-4 right away and begin to use it as one of your primary track testers....
Not a GP-7 which is one of the easiest locomotives to accommodate to any layout....Well almost.
If you are so inclined to longer steam locomotives one day.....
Actually I suggest something with a 10 in it..such as a 2-10-4 and then learn to run it not only on straights or gentle curves as a single unit but pulling an ever increasing length of train; upwards of what ever you and your layout feel comfortable with.
OVER every single Turnout on your layout.
For me that is 60 cars; not 158 which was my prototypical goal.
Except...when visiting someone else's layout.
Then ? Yes, it's time to find your best runner over any type of track or grade.
Several of my Kato/Atlas Diesels come to mind.
That is with one (fairly affordable) Steam at $150.

Especially their latest version. This model taught me many things about the general design and engineering of N Scale Locomotives; such as the use of Bearing Blocks on every single driver and the overall balance of a longitudinal array of motor, driving gears and flywheels. Along with simply the way a Tender should be electrified to the wheels.These work well with #6 or #8 Turnouts, with a 6 in the driver array. However, my 2-10-4's seem to prefer #10 or larger turnouts.
:)) Mark

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