Re: Cleaners & Lubricants


No-ox-id A type grease continues to work very well for me.  After
application I remove all that I can with a Masonite type board.  What is
left does not attract dust and largely prevents the black crud from
forming.  I only do touch up cleaning on occasion.  s

This is done in combination with scrubbing all the contacting surfaces
of my locomotives with a fiberglass contact cleaner which in this case
was sold by Badger.  I then treat the surfaces in the same way I treat
the track. 

I clean my wheels by chucking them into my DeWalt (lightly) and running
at high speed while gently applying the aforementioned  Badger contact
cleaner.  I also clean the needle point on the wheels in this way.  The
brass axle holders in the trucks have the axle sockets cleaned with a
toothpick in a drill at high speed and a little polishing compound.  The
polishing compound is then cleaned with solvent.

As a result I can do switching operations with at most a couple of
stalls and this is in N Scale with engines as small as the Kato NW2. 
BTW I use a single engine on the switch job.

Best Regards,

Ken Harstine

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