Track Voltage for N Scale Sound Decoders ?

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

Hello all, 

Not sure I am gong to ask this question in the most appropriate way...
After I purchased my first DCC Controller, an MRC PA -2, I was soon advised to purchase some sort of booster.
As my very first DCC Controlled Locomotive was the Walther's Heritage Y6b (2-8-8-2) with SOUND.
(The previous owner had all sorts of issues and sent his model back three times to Walther's.)
So there went another $100 for the matching MRC Booster.
And ?
Yes, all my DCC locomotives seem to run better, especially with Sound.
>>> I began a Chase towards long steam N Scale Locomotives with Sound.
Especially, after the purchase of a Hallmark (Brass) ATSF Texas Steam Locomotive, equipped with a LokSound Sound Decoder....
Yes, I was smitten and fell in love with Model Railroading all over again. 
What a man will do for love....
All sorts of my parameters began to change such as soldering, size of turnouts and even the width of radius/curves and further even into which type (90 Degree vs Parabolic).
I eventually began to standardize with LokSound Sound Decoders.
(Though, I probably own at least one of every other type and brand.)
As night follows the day.....
Eventually, I Forrest Gumped my way into the ownership of an ESU ECoS....
And this too was like a full tier movement upwards in the overall performance of my layout.
Top Drawer so to speak.
>>> Power supply output voltage adjustable from 15V to 21V / 7A (150VA) <<<
Somehow I got around to measuring it once and it showed 15.4 volts to the track.
No, I did not mess with it...that was what it was set up as out of the box.
Though I can speak and read some German....I basically leave the ECoS alone and let it do it's thing.
I tend to simply down load a sound program to the decoder and for the most part ....
Let the ECoS recognize the locomotive and stay away from manipulating CV's.
So here is my un-question...
I am fairly happy with my choice of LokSound Sound Decoders as a standard as well as my ECoS as my standard DCC Controller 

All at 15.4 Volts to the track.

How's the lesser voltages of 13-14.5 volts working out for you?
I have not yet purchased the ESU ECoS booster...but I plan to do so; as my layout is stretched out over the space of 25 x 30 feet between two rooms.
No, I am not even sure it will be needed....
:)) Mark

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