Re: Power for Z-Scale Decoders

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>


I am by nature a Historian, having traced out my own American History back to the 1600's.
So it simply makes sense to me to be sitting right next to a Bound Book of The Model Railroader 1934
Yes, Vol 1 No. 1
It's nearly amazing to me; to begin to understand how very well informed and sophisticated this hobby was in 1934.
How old is our hobby ?
There was soon to be an article on a Layout which had already been in operation since 1913.
Imagine if you will standing in a basement of a 1908 house with such an understanding....Cause I have.
Imagine further....
The very beginnings of the NMRA ....What did these merry band of original Model Railroaders propose, even upon their very first meetings ?
> Standards
And yes one of the first standards put forth?
> Voltage
Each to it's own Scale and NOT all the same.

Was it easy to agree...Well not right off...but eventually groups of like minded model railroaders began to set standards.
However ?
When I learn that into the 21st Century, standards were being dropped?
I refer back to an open letter from John Allen which informs us of the same phenomenon circa 1967.
Two years before I began N Scale and Model Railroading once again.
I do a lot of Begin Agains....
So without the use of the NMRA or the Walthers/Kalmbach Cartel...I have recreated my own standards.
Many of which are based on Modern BNSF Specifications and those found in the annals of the The Model Railroader between 1934 and 1941.
NMRA ? Well not lately.
For the most part I used NMRA Standards to 1952 and before....
Such as the use of Parabolic Curves....
The year before I was even born.
So what about Electronics and DCC....?
Euclid's First Common Notion.....
Those things which are equal to the same things are then equal to each other.
Well Duh Me ?
Z scale is NOT equal to O scale anymore than it is to HO or N.
Anymore than a 20 amp circuit in a house should be wired with 14 gauge wire; and excuse me for saying....
A 50 amp circuit breaker should not be supplied with 10 Gauge Aluminum Wire and the main panel only grounded to the Gas Meter.
A thing like that could ruin your whole day.
BEFORE you plug in that expensive $895 ESU ECoS DCC Controller...You better damn well be assured it is of the proper voltage/amps is grounded and IN Phase.
And then as night follows the day...
I am Not Hooking up my $125 LokSound Sound Decoders to just any old DCC Controller.
But I digress......
If you can possibly take GREED out of the equation.....and for the most part get thrown out of the Train Store....
Becoming Bonafide with your own standards....
The best thing I ever did was get hit by a Train.
Well over 90% of my Layouts Needs have been purchased second hand via previously constructed but mostly LNIB supplies from defunct layouts. At a percentage to MSRP, between 10 and 23%.
Yes 75+% off.
For the most part I stay out of Train Stores.
So to some it all up....
With over a dozen different DCC Controllers....?
None of them are particularly suited to Z Scale.
My Coffee Table Layout, will mostly be a short steam N Scale layout with 4-4-0's and 2-6-0's with the Motor decoder in the California Dispatch car behind the tender, then the sound decoder in the next box car with the speaker in the third boxcar.  Ii will employ either my Bachmann  Dynamis or ESU Navigator to such a task.
Thank you all in helping me to make this determination.
:)) Mark

At age 65 and in need of new glasses....
That is unless I find a Zimo MX-10  Z Scale DCC Controller at 10% to the MSRP $.

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