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It also makes a good glue.

I have a friend with a 30-year old layout. 90% of his switches are Atlas Custom Line with the attached switch machine.

I like to call him quick draw. It seems he always a can of CRC in his hand and uses it liberally.

On one visit he asked me about a stuck switch.He admits to spraying CRC into the slot on top of the switch machine.

"It worked three times. Now it will not move, even by hand."

I gave him a tube of lock graphite.


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I agree. CRC 2-26 is listed first as a lubricant tnen as a cleaner. Putting on the track will help remove unwanted residue, But... it will also act as a lubricant which will reduce the friction and therefore the pulling power of locos. Works great for other sliding type electrical connections.  

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