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vincent marino

My brother I was faced with the same situation a while back. Let tell you what it was on my layout. You can go through the same check list as I used and you might find your problem before the end of the list. 

1) make sure all the track joiners are either tight or soldered or both. 

2) make sure the power district with the problem has no shorts, no criscrossed track leads to the power bus, all connections are tight.

3) finally, this is what was wrong with mine. The turnout leading to the power district with the problem, make sure the locomotives are crossing over the turnout without shorting the frog or the frog alignment assist. Especially if your using a consist. Wasn't until I started syncing the locos using JMRI. It put the consist in a smooth pulling motion which eliminated the push/pull of the middle and rear locos over the turnout. Thus no more shorts from power district to power district. 

Hope that helped. 

On Sat, Feb 16, 2019, 4:37 PM Tom Anderson <tanderson@... wrote:
I am trying to trouble shoot what appears to be some wiring problems with my new layout.
I am using a Digitrax DCS-210 with a PM42. I have 4 sections wired. Also, have 4 6 port Frog Juicers connected.

Basically, the train runs just fine on the 2 main lines but stalls when trying to enter a siding off the main line.

In trying to fix this problem, I tried to read the track voltage with my multimeter. I am getting no voltage on any of the tracks. I checked the multimeter on other isolated AC sources and it reads just fine.

So what am I missing here? Stumped. Any help greatly appreciated.


Tom Anderson

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