Re: Power for Z-Scale Decoders

Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

Ric Z
Me too ?
When I began to consider which of my several DCC Controllers was a Keeper for a future Z Scale Coffee Table Layout...I have yet to decide.
Yes, Z Scale is 9 volts.
But my ESU ECoS is in excess of 15 volts.
Works great for N Scale...
An I may keep my Digitrax Chief since the local HO Clubs use this system
As for the rest ?
I do not know.
MRC Prodigy and Prodigy 2, Digitrax Zephyr, Bachmann Dynamis, ESU Navigator,?
Again ...I do not know.
I have considered putting on resistors to the end of my DCC Controller Leads, just as it reaches the track.
Instead ?
I gave up (at least for now).
I have for now far too many distraction in my daily life to consider yet a 4th scale.
Let me know what you figure out Please.
:)) Mark

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