Re: New to DCC

Greg Smith

Lots of good information here and I appreciate the help.  What I did not write about was the layouts physical conditions.  Heated basement (air conditioned in the summer).  Sooo, big changes in heat and humidity are not in the offing.  I live in SE Ohio (near Wheeling, WV) so our humidity here is not usually that bad, even in the summer, and of course I do not have to deal with the salt air as Mark has had to contend with.  Actual layout construction will not begin until late this summer as we are going to paint the concrete floor, block walls, and the overhead exposed wood joists and flooring - primarily to cut down on the amount of dust that my wife has to breath which is increasingly causing her more distress.  Side benefit will be the layout of course.  Because of her scent/chemical allergy we cannot paint until the house and basement can be kept open although I am starting to build layout sections in my shop.

I like the idea of using the insulated joiners on the frog end in combination with the SPDT switch synchronized with the throwbar since most turnouts will be operated with Caboose Industries manual throw bars with Circitron tortorise machines along the main line, such as it is.

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