New to DCC

Greg Smith

Just starting to build a layout after collecting 'stuff' for 25 years.  I purchased a Super Chief system about 10 years ago along with a number of extra decoders, a 1021 power pack, an extra booster and throttle.  

I intend to use 12 guage romex for my power buses - primarily because I have 200 feet or so lying around after wiring my tractor and truck garage/shop building.  I have several rolls of black and red 20 guage solid wire that I am thinking of using as feeder drops.  I dunno, maybe wire overkill but the stuff is just lying around.

I had acquired a number of old Shinnohara turnouts which I have begun to convert to 'DCC friendly'.  So far it seems pretty straight forward and I have a half dozen ready to add connecting wires.  There is my main question.  For connecting point to closure rails, as well as wiring power to the frogs, what guage wire should I use?  Also, solid or stranded?  I see where this can be a bit delicate and I guess that stranded would be easier to use but are there pitfalls with using the stranded wire?   This wire (unlike the romex and connecting wire) will be purchased specifically for upgrading these switches (around 20 in total).
ps - many more beginner questions to come 

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