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I know it is tempting to use the DCC track power for extra loads. But why would you use a power supply that costs big bucks to do a job a simple wall transformer can? Plus I can't help to think the extra loads get in the way of the DCC signal to the locomotives.

Now there is also an option of LCC to take the signals for non locomotive loads: turnout control and track side signals.


On 1/28/2019 9:55 PM, Rich Randall via Groups.Io wrote:
I use a separate DC power source (bus) for my tortoise controls. The power goes to the toggle switch or other selector to drive the tortoise pins 1 and 8 one way or the other. If you want to use track power, you have to rectify it with diodes and set up some clever toggle arrangement. DCC simply acts like AC power. I think the voltage is too high for a tortoise, so use resistors to knock it down.

I route DCC from the track (as close as possible to the switch) to one of the tortoise relays to change the frog polarity. I have to make sure the right polarity goes to the right pin.


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