Jack Wabbit

David S <docdata3d@...>

I posted this on another DCC groups but no answer yet so here it goes again.

I just purchased a Jack Wabbit Quad for Tortoise switch machines and have some questions prior to wiring it up.  I'm emailing with Erick at the place where it was purchased but so far, I'm still not understanding everything I need in know.

The unit can be powered by DCC track voltage or external DC.   The Tortoise switch machines need to DC to operate but need the DCC to get the signal to throw the machine. 

So, if the JW is powered by DCC, where does the DC come in for Tortoise throws?  If it is powered by DC, where do the DCC signals come from to tell the Tortoise to switch?

If I powered it with DCC, can I still use the manual pushbuttons to throw the machines or is pushbutton use only for DC power to the JW only?


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