Re: A question on DCC track wiring using yard point triple turnouts

George Galyon

F YI..our club uses a Shinohara C100 (old version with double crossbars on the point rails) three-way in our passenger yard..unmodified for DCC.  It works just fine with all of our rolling stock.  We feed power at the point end using just point-stock rail contacts (a real no-no..but it works).  And, so far, nothing shorts out at that "trouble spot" adjacent to the point-closure rail connection.  I did jumper wire the point-closure rails because the rail joiner connection that came with the Shinohara 3-way was useless as an electrical connection.  Depending on what vintage you have, there may be another little short prone spot adjacent to one of the frog wing rails.  Just trim back the wing rail and/or put a little dab of JB weld on the tip of the wing rail and you'll be good to go.

I know that many will advocate converting the Shinoharas to be DCC friendly by removing the crossbars on the point rails.  Run it first to see if you have any shorting problems caused by those crossbars.  Chances are you will not..and you can save yourself a bit of tedious work.    It's a particularly difficult conversion on the old, double-crossbar Shinoharas...not so bad on the single crossbar versions. 

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