Re: New to DCC


Tis funny. I started model railroading in 1958 or thereabouts. Joined a club. DC only. Had built a 4' x 6' layout - a loop with a switchback siding. Played a bit. Since I was familiar with PRR, that became my rr or choice. Then, I got drafted and disassembled the layout. Never did get back to building one, the club was sufficient for me.
Here I am, now 80 yrs old. Put priority to my bucket list to build a layout. A few years ago, while I was still working, etc. Bought a Digitrax Zephyr and started a collection of BLI engines. All DCC. Now, here I am: Got the shelf brackets up. Got the 2" thick pink foam, cut to 12" width. Have shelf 24' long by that 12" depth. Used AnyRail to design several layouts from which to choose. But let me say this: Learning model rr is a very long way from 1958. And DCC has a learning curve that is almost ridiculous. The NMRA had standards and RP's. But all the systems don't match. MTH has DCS. And other Proprietary stuff. Makes you kind of wonder. Remember Mantua couplers? Well I started with them and had to change to Kadee's. Why? Because that's what one did for a club, etc. Now, if you start with a simple DCC system like Digitrax, you get sidetracked by all the other choices. And if battery power gets going, what do we do with all our DCC? Ouch. Get ready to re-mortgage your house. All IMHO and thanks for letting me vent. But we can be newbies even if 80 yrs old. 
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC, modeling PRR 1952.

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