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I am going out on a tree limb, and Mark is at the trunk with a saw.

Since you are at ground level you might consider using radio control with battery power.

Check out:
AirWire 900 from CVP  << they have been in business since 1974

There is also the Dead Rail Society  << Very informative.


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Thanks for all the great advice and information. I run G scale and my layout will be outside. I don't have it built yet as I moved a few years ago and everything is still in boxes. I'm ready to get it going again and have always wanted to try DCC. My layout will be pretty simple. Probably 10' X 20' with one main line and one or two sidings/branch runs but will expand it later. I'd like to run 2 or 3 trains for now. I haven't decided on DCC equipment yet. I've read about a lot of them. Massoth looks interesting to me but seems pricey. Since I'm still in the planning stages I thought this would be a good time to start exploring DCC but I'm finding there is a lot to learn. Thanks again for the advice and info. I will be looking at the presentations and continue researching but I have a feeling I will need to just jump in at some point...

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I have a series of DCC presentations that I have given around the country over the years at NMRA events.  There are 4 clinics at the bottom.  Basic DCC info, Wiring, Decoder Wiring and Decoder Programming.

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I’m new to DCC and need all the help I can get....


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