Re: New to DCC



Like Mark, I bounced around DCC.

My first purchase was a box of an antique MRC Command 2000 stuff. I like it still, unfortunately it was not compatible with modern-er decoders.

Then I acquired a Bachmann EZ Command system which I still use at the workbench.

I do a lot of decoder installs for friends and eventually purchased a used NCE power cab (tethered), as you can do more with that system than the others.

I recently purchased a Ring Engineering RailPro system. It is basically radio control. It makes it easy to visit other layouts since I do not need to reprogram decoders.

My recommendation is try to operate AND program, set CV's, etc, on several systems/layouts. Also read the manuals. Some are so vague. I read one that seemed to think you are a expert on DCC. On one system I tried, programming was done in sequential steps, but you could only do one step at a time and stop, you could not make more than one change at a time. The manual did not mention that.

See what is in stock in your area. It's frustrating when you need a part for brand ABC, and your LHS does not stock that brand. But if you really like one system go with that one.


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