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The also include a DCC circuit breaker function unlike all the other Autoreversing devices available.  So it can not only take care of both reverse polarity problem but also any shorts that occurs inside the reversing section of track.  If you reversing section is a simple reverse loop, then the DCC circuit breaker function has limited value.  But if the reversing section involves something like a stub yard of one end of a wye, then is great solution.

It will also be address the reverse polarity problem much faster than any relay based solution.  That translates into less engine speed hesitation at the insulated joiner track joint if not eliminating it completely.  It will also show up in the headlight of a engine if the engines does not have any stay alive capacitors.  Any headlight blinking will likewise be minimize if not eliminated too.  In practice you often get flawless crossings unless there is something wrong with the layout wiring.

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I agree with Perry.  The PSX-ARs not only reverse the polarity, but also can provide automatic turnout control on a reverse loop, preventing derailing if running through a switch.


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