Re: Reversing Loop Controlers

Perry A Pollino

Tim I have used DCC specialties AR's in the past with success.
They will be used on my new layout as well. (since I have them)
I will be suing Frog juicers for my turnouts. Frog juicers were not around when I started with DCC specialties product. I have read  the Dual frog and Hex frog cancan be used as AR's. I have no experience with them.

On Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 12:51:10 PM CST, Timothy Holmes <taholmes160@...> wrote:

HI Folks:

Due to my layout design, I will end up with 3 reversing loops -- 2 are
currently in existence, and right now I am using DPDT toggle switches
to control them -- they work, but ANNOYING.  I know there are
automatic units out there from many manufacturers.  Im not asking
whats out there, I am asking for RECOMMENDATIONS as to which ones you
like and think work best.

I am running N scale, hopefully eventually 2 - 3 trains at a time,
some with 2 -3 locomotives at a time, I am currently using a NCE
Powercab, which I hope to upgrade to an SB5 soon and eventually radio

Thanks for your input

San Luis and Rio Grande

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