Two Questions



First, I have Kato Unitrack on my N scale practice layout.  I want to accomplish detection and ultimately transponding.  Based on Allan's turnout section and the Kato specific reco's I want to make the power routed turnouts not power routed.  I believe the arm below with the red squiggle is the arm I am to clip.  Confirmation would be really great so as to not ruin an expensive part of my layout.

Second, I recently purchased an Atlas SD-9, model #53508.  My research shows that this was a 2003 build and that there was to be a DCC decoder for it the next year.  Is there a decoder for this locomotive to make it DCC and if so what are my options?  I would prefer a drop in version but I am not sure that is possible from what I can surmise from looking at the insides.



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