Re: PECO Insulfrogs

Don Vollrath

It is your RR. You do not need to follow the recommendations. However... Experience tells us that the rail joiners are not gas tight connections. Movement due to vibration, expansion and contraction will eventually cause the electrical connection to suffer. Yes, they can work very well for a while. The best way to avoid problems is to have an electrical feeder wire soldered to every piece of rail you want electrified. Soldering rail joiners to the rails is one way to minimize the number of track feeders but brings up the issue of making sure you leave a mechanism to relieve track expansion. Using unsoldered joiners at a turnout will allow you to slide them off and remove the turnout if necessary. However what is likely to go wrong at a well designed turnout??? A poor electrical connection to the turnout rails is the most likely issue... Particularly those of the movable points. It may take a few months or years to find that out depending on your environment and/or luck. A simple solution is to drop a soldered feeder wire to each rail inside the turnout. If you leave enough slack you can easily slide the joiners off and clip or unsolder the feeder wires.

For those who say to solder a feeder wire to the joiner... Think about where the connection issue actually occurs. It is the partially crimped 'sliding' joint between the rail and joiner itself that gets corroded.


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