Re: PECO Insulfrogs


Carl: Yes. An excellent idea. I did see something similar and your idea is worth a try. I will let y'all know.
John J: I understand. I had thought of using joiners with a feeder wire soldered to the bottom and just slid on the rails. That isn't much better, but again, worth a try. I sure wish PECO would get their Unifrogs on the market. They do seem to solve a lot of problems.
John: Yes, I'm in HO, and code 83 . You are suggesting I solder a wire from the flex to the turnout without a joiner? A very simple solder job. Yes, I can do that. But it still requires unsoldering when needing to replace the turnout. And yes, I had thought of doing that for "leaving a gap" in the rail for expansion/contraction. Of course, then the rail alignment becomes critical. But I can see how it would be easier to remove the turnout. Just clip the wire. The unsoldering of a "little wire" from the turnout would be easy.
I even thought of using code 70, but I show my age by saying "too hard to see". LOL And yes, I remember code 100 brass. Do you remember Midlin track? Now that will show your age.
Thanks to y'all. I look forward to trying the suggestions.
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC

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