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Hello Morgan:

May I suggest using a strip of PVC "wood" for the front of your layout. You can cut grooves in the PVC for buss wires and use a sheet metal screw to tap in for each track wire.

Look here:

When everything is working, make a nice cover for the front fascia.

I did a whole "O" gauge layout this way and it works great.

On my "O" gauge layout I didn't solder joiners but dropped two wires every 3'. I used crimp connectors and suitcases, since PVC wasn't in stores yet. No power problems at all.


On 12/17/2018 11:01 AM, PennsyNut wrote:
Hello. I want to do something apparently not authorized. ?? A shelf layout, 12" deep by 24' long. On 2" foam. All wiring on top of the layout, hidden only by scenery. Switching. Want to use all PECO. Want to NOT use any machines or ground throws. Also, wish to install turnouts without fastening. i.e. Be able to slide joiners off the turnout onto attached flex track and simply lift up the turnout for repair or replacement. From the literature, Insulfrogs need no wiring. ? Unless I opt to do the simple cut and wire jumpers. But I choose not to. Now, the problem is the joiners. If the feeder is soldered to the flex track a couple inches from the joint with the point end of the turnout, and also solder feeders to the flex tracks at the frog end of the turnout. The one set of feeders is about 12" from the others. Is this clear? Won't having 6 joiners be enough to keep the turnout powered? i.e. Will all 6 joiners fail at the same time? I guess what I really want is to not restrict removal of the turnout. I've been told to "not rely on joiners". Fine. But how do you have soldered joints and wires attached - and still be able to get the turnout off to repair or replace. That would be a lot of work. What would be the odds of the turnout failing versus all 6 of the joiners failing? Actually, I think the odds are so low in either case as to not be a problem. So I want to take the easy way out. Finally, one last question: Is there a way to bypass the joiners without soldering to the turnout?
Sorry this is so long. But I guess I am stubborn and want to do it "my way". Besides, having the track wiring all on top makes it easier. And more wires mean more chance for problems. Kind of like the argument about soldering versus connectors. There is no choice for me but to solder. Period. No klutsy suitcase connectors, wire nuts, etc.
Morgan Bilbo, new to DCC


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