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Mark Gurries

Not sure what you mean by interface wire.

There are 3 classes or wires found in a layout.

1) Low Voltage Control/Communication Cables

2) Low voltage DCC Track or DC/AC cables that distribute layout power.

3)  High Voltage 120V/220V AC power cables.

In general it is bad to mix Class 1 with Class 2.  There is no hazardous power involved.  The only problem with mixing them is noise and communication problems.

You can bundle Class 1 cables in a loose group of its own and you can bundle Class 2 cable in a loose group of its own..

You cannot bundle a Class 3 cable with Class 2 or a Class 3.  When it comes to high voltage AC outlet power, I would not wrap it that cable with anything else.   The AC cable is a hazardous cable and should be protected from accidental contact with tools or anything else that one might use in wiring up a layout.  It should be run all by itself away from all other cables and given some mechanical protection thoughts as to its installation.

On Nov 22, 2018, at 11:12 AM, vincent marino <vmarino2009@...> wrote:

Question. If I wind the interface wire around a 110 extension cord will the dcc signal be affected by the 110 current? 

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