Re: Current Protection


You could also purchase my product and be able to fine tune the current setting:

The maximum setting of my product is lower then the 6 Ampere one mentioned previously.  (the trip level of which is actually 12 Amperes).  My product is suitable for any AC circuit under 30V and will also work with DC however the wiring may need to be adjusted to make the indicator light as it has a polarity.

When using a PolySwitch type fuse you need to be aware of both the maximum voltage and the maximum current.  The maximum voltage is easy enough. 

The input voltage to the fuse should not exceed that number.  In the instance mentioned that is 30V and is just fine for Model Railroad secondary voltages but not for the primary voltages on the AC side.

Maximum current is a little harder.  Essentially the source should not be able to exceed the maximum current rating of the fuse.  I was unable to fully trace the one linked in the previous message but the maximum current of similar fuses is 40Ampere so this is certainly large enough for the purpose.

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