Re: Current Protection


I want to add some clarification to this topic.  The question was whether the power input to the DCS 240 should be fused and the answer was that the input to the power supply should be fused. 


Yes, it is a good idea to fuse the input to the DCS 240.  The DCS 240 is a 3/5/8 amp command station/booster.  The power supply that Lindsay intends to use is a 7A supply.  So do not use the DCS240 in the 8A mode.  Use it in the 5A mode.  If in the 8A mode, the 7A supply will never be able to source enough power for the DCS 240’s internal current protection to shut it down.  A fuse on the input of the DCS 240 should be about 6A or a 5A slo-blo fuse can be used to allow the DCS 240 to do it’s thing and not require you to change the fuse 4 times during an operating session.


It is also a good idea to fuse the input of the power supply on the 120V AC side.  Be aware that if it is a 7A, 13.5VDC power supply on the output, the maximum input current to the supply will be less than an amp.  So using a 2A fast-blo or a  1.5A slo-blo  would be appropriate on the 120V AC side.


Allan Gartner 



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