Re: NCE Mini-Panel and F2


Hi Bob,

The simplest way to get a fully independent supply is to purchase a
"wall wart" or a "brick" supply with appropriate ratings.  So each
Circuitron will draw 15mA.  Allow another 30mA for your DCC control
board.  So you need 12 Volts at 70x45mA=3.2 Amperes.  So you should
probably get a supply rated for 4 Amperes.  This probably gets you into
the brick category. 

Here is a supply that would do the job:
Globtek TR9CE5000LCP-N(R6B).  It is rated for 5 Amperes and is
compatible with your house voltage and regulation situation.

I think you could save a lot of money on both power supply and the
turnouts by purchasing the MP1 from MTB-Model:

These turnout motors are slow motion.  Draw no power when in position
and have a set of protected auxiliary contacts that are ideal for
powering frogs.   I would contact them for a good decoder to drive them
as you and they are both in Europe.

I am using them here in the USA and am very happy with them.


Ken Harstine

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