Re: Hornby Pendolo digital

Richard Sutcliffe


I don’t have access to the unit for a photo.
The plug in the socket had 2 diodes and two capacitors, just like most DC adapter plugs.
Ran on DC, with lights.
We will probably hard wire a DCC socket and use a basic decoder, although the father was intrigued by my Kato Shinkansen with an electric Econami decoder.
They showed up with a set of EMUs last week, but these have a standard 8 pin socket and DC “blanking” plug.

On Oct 14, 2018, at 8:39 AM, Howard Greenway via Groups.Io <greenwayhoward@...> wrote:

The DCC version of the Pendolino has a ‘special’ Hornby 7 pin decoder but it is not a very good performer. A picture of this plug in board would help. I don’t think a 7 pin blanking plug is available so it is most likely a decoder set to another address. Some-one with a decent DCC controller could read this value. I changed the chassis on mine to the DCC ready version which strangely comes with a conventional 8 pin socket and fitted a decent decoder.

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