Re: Rotary switch

Don Vollrath

John / jd, You can find the TD SRC16 tech manual and connections diagrams at
Unfortunately the SCR16 seems to be out of production. I was not aware of that. That is a shame as it is such a great easy to use product.
Simply following the directions of examples in the tech manual makes perfect sense and can be accomplished as wired in place via programming on the main (POM) without need for the programming track or an external computer when powered from the DCC (track or accessory) bus.. [You don't need Loco-Net but it can be used to talk between units.]
You might find some product parts still on the shelf at your local hobby shop (LHS) and/or net-sales outlets. It's worth the effort to also use the SRC16 with their MotoD drivers for up to 16 motor outputs.  

I also supplied a rotary switch connection diagram earlier for controlling routes in a yard to Allan's website. Did you find it?
You can find the necessary single deck rotary switch in the catalog.

I have use both of the above methods to control and indicate the position of yard and other mainline Tortoise switch machines.  


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