Re: Rotary switch


...and an image of the type of rotary switch that is discussed here can be found at:

The black & white image shows the classic rotary switch that has those wafers that may be stacked to same axle. What the Wikipedia article does not say is that the switches may be "break before make" or "make before break", meaning that if one turns the rotary switch knob the next terminal is connected either before or after the previous terminal is disconnected. This may be of importance, as "make before break" can cause unintentional short circuits. On the other hand "Make before break" may be used even for creating short pulses.


On 2018-10-12 22:03, Don Vollrath wrote:
To see how to do it go to and look in the index for and/or scroll down to section "f" of the advanced Slo-motion switch motor control.
Sorry... I lost my list of easy links to various subjects.
Another method is to use the Team Digital SRC16 and use a single push button to select and enable a particular yard track with internal programming set up to correctly adjust up to 8 turnouts for that track path.

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