Re: Wiring For DCC Update Announcement

Jerry Michels

Allan,  Thanks for updating "The DCC Bible!"  I truly enjoyed reading the new material. You efforts have made a huge difference in our ability to correctly wire the Amarillo Railroad Museum layout.

To the larger group, our layout invested a lot of our capital in Digitrax PM42 circuit breakers quite a few years back.  However, most seem to be of the opinion that DCCSpecialities PSX-ARFB, specifically equipped with block detection and network feedback as being superior to the PM42s.  Looking at all the data I can find, I have to agree.  But my concern is the price.  We have over 60 blocks on the layout, at the going price (approximately $60), this would take over $3,600.  I wonder if this sort of investment outweighs staying with the PM42s.  


Jerry Michels
Amarillo Railroad Museum

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