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Mark Cartwright <marcdecapri@...>

On Fri, Sep 14, 2018 at 07:30 AM, Scott wrote:
The outermost oval will be 11 1/4 radius which I think should allow for our planned passenger train.
Scott, I was not going to say anything till I began to read Planned Passenger Train.
Which One?
Please, I do not believe you can get any Passenger Train, even short 1880's types on a 11 1/4 Radius; to work effectively even with truck mounted couplers. What I mean by effective, is that you won't end up frustrated by the whole process of Surviving Your First Layout.
Yes, but are those specifications with single rolling stock or in an ever increasing length of train upwards of a Prototype; along with Prototype Details ?
Let me figure out how to say this...
Human Nature should be applied to understanding the creation of NMRA's RP-11; (even the dynamics/politics of any organization with opposing committees) and further in how the specifications are already minimized, not optimized nor maximized, hence are not quite up to what may actually be needed. Then further, how N Scalers in particular, are seemingly always constrained for space.
That is ...
Even if you write it down...
All Diesel locos. All
Electric locos.
All passenger cars. All freight cars

and hence state the P Minimum Radius is 21.5" = Your typical (even best) N Scaler will attempt a layout at a 19 inch radius. This 19 inches then becomes their specific reality (mindset), where all things measured and operated are at that level. (In Old Psychology, this was called Hysteria.)
You then accept your minimal radius, as is; yet struggle against it.
What might happen however...Beyond the Minimal Radius of 21.5 inches...Say begin again with a Minimal Radius of 22 inches?
As read, I believe you are describing a layout which should be set to NMRA Specifications N/O; with this specification, I know you can begin to run Passenger Trains. 
For other comments, I chime in with Al Silverstein and Others....
Well nearly, I would suggest if at all possible to go to a length of 60 inches for your first layout. (There is a Test Layout as I call it, leaning up against the wall just outside this room and it's 32 x 56 inches which I increased from 30x56. It would have greatly benefitted by just a few inches in both length and width. Three days ago I began a 50" x 88" Test Layout; rectangular in nature but could be extended into an L Shape.
Good Luck in Surviving Your First Layout...and then you can be just like us...Still not 100% sure of what we are trying to do.

Also for your first layout, stay away from DCC with Sound, lighted passenger trains, steam locomotives and perhaps seriously consider Kato Unitrack.
Do not try to Hand-Lay track for your first layout.

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