Re: New to Model Railroading and DCC

Brad Ketchen <bketchen@...>

Greg...turnouts have always been a big issue...especially crossovers. I've scaled down my track plans because of...
I personally like the Micro Engineering brand. But still...having a small switching layout i've reduced the number of them and model reality. As Lance Mindheim says "a model of a railroad". And Pelle Soesberg has been open in 'Model Railroader' mag that he uses trains as an excuse to model reality in 1:87:1 scale! 

On Friday, August 3, 2018, Greg Harter <greg1462@...> wrote:
I'm 77, started building my current HO layout in 1978.  It will NEVER be 100% finished.  

Good luck to you, all I've read in response to your email is excellent in my opinion, especially the turnout issues regardless of what guage you choose.

Greg Harter

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