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Brad Ketchen <bketchen@...>

Hi Ty, welcome to the hobby. Is it the first run? I was out of it for 20 some odd Years and came back with a bang. 

N scale is good for long runs. There's a good column in Model Railroader dedicated to N Scale run by Jim Kelly. But if you want a 'switching layout' HO is the way to go. Depends on what you want to achieve vs real estate. Also..depending on your patience...mine is little especially when it comes to detailing an Atlas $300 locomotive.. but having to detail N scale...not for me! Some people struggle with oversized hand railings and accuracy on N scale. Depends too on how picky you are.

NCE is a good system. I run an NCE Power cab on a small HO switching layout myself.

Happy Railroading

On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 3:02 PM, Thomas Webb <tbw.trains@...> wrote:
Hello -  
My name is Ty and at the young age of 73 I have decided to become a model railroader.   I'm vacillating between HO or N Scale but I do know that I will be using NCE for my DCC.  

Looking forward to the adventure.

Ty Webb

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