Re: New to Model Railroading and DCC


Don't stop too fast, I am right behind you (71).

You might also consider On30. You have the size of O-scale in the space of HO. Yes, building are larger, however there are smaller ones available.

Most On30 equipment will go around 18" curves. I am using 12". I have a Heisler which goes around them. I also lean towards the 18' cars. I hope Bachmann will come out with passenger equipment near that size.

NCE is okay, there is also Digitrax, but choose the one your hobby shop sells, and find someone who will let you try them. Personally I favor the Bachmann EZ command for its simplicity, I have two, plus a walk around.

I have chosen Peco Set Track switches, they have a sharper curve and are only 6" long. Also the points lock into position without needing a switch machine or ground throw. You can add these later.

I have room for a medium size layout, but I am working on a 30" x 10' layout built on two hollow core doors. One, life is too short. Two portability, I am a loner and attend shows. I can set the layout on top of the dining room table, shhh! I use milk crates to raise the layout for when/if I hold an open house. Also the doors will stand against the wall for storage.

Of  course what you build depends on what you like to do. I did have a point to point layout, mostly a switching operation. As I go older, 50ish, I wished I could just let trains run. The new 30" wide layout will let my old bones operate from one side of the layout.

What ever you choose do it to enjoy it. And remember "It's my layout."


Subject: [w4dccqa] New to Model Railroading and DCC

Hello -  
My name is Ty and at the young age of 73 I have decided to become a model railroader.   I'm vacillating between HO or N Scale but I do know that I will be using NCE for my DCC.  

Looking forward to the adventure.

Ty Webb

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