Re: A question on DCC track wiring using yard point triple turnouts

Don Vollrath

Generally the older Shinohara turnouts were of the power routing type with the point rails picking up power from the stock rails and passing it on to not only the frog, but also the exiting frog rails. So take a close look at your switches... AND the pattern of track that you intend to connect them. [It is difficult for others to envision your planned configurations.] Then be sure to provide rail gaps or insulating joiners so that there will be no short circuits created with any and all possible combinations of throw bar positions. Now go back and discover what rail sections have no power or are of fixed polarity. Provide power feeders to those rails. It may be helpful to make a truth table to identify the needed polarity of every rail in the turnout system. This might be an ideal place to use frog juicers to correct polarity issues.


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