Re: Changes to Website




I’m not planning to give you all a blow-by-blow of what is happening in this transition, but you need this one.


My website is back up.  I spent some time checking to see if everything is there.  It seems to be.  Some lightning came into the area during the uploading process, so if you find any files that were corrupted during the upload, email me (not this forum) at:  bigboy@... and let me know.  I’ll upload it again.


Note that if you don’t specify a file in my website (meaning you entered and not your browser will default to the new WordPress page.  I probably can’t change that and long term, I probably wouldn’t want to.  So DO ENTER  Any of my other pages you have bookmarked should work as is since they do not rely on the Internet’s defaulting scheme.  If you don’t have bookmarked, please do so for now.


For my next trick, I’ll figure out how to at least put a message in the new WordPress page that contains the above and also, hopefully, a link to make it easy.  I don’t plan to announce those triumphs unless something else happens that you need to know.


I asked a lot of questions before I went with WordPress.  I’m now afraid some of the answers I got were not completely accurate.  So, the migration process may be much more painful for me then I was led to believe.


This day needed to come at some point.  The software I had been using was 14 or so years old.  The company that made it was acquired a long time ago and the software hasn’t been supported in ages.  It definitely is no longer state of the art.  In the end, I’m hoping the webpage is a little prettier and you will enjoy using it. 


Thank you


Allan Gartner 



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