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Twist Again, that is rich.
   Here is the deal, if you run wires in parallel what ever is on one will to some degree cross over. It is exactly the way a transformer works. If it is just AC or DC there is little lost. If on the other hand there is a high frequency signal on an AC or DC carrier, the signal could be increased, diminished or corrupted by a parallel circuit. 
   If you want stranded buss wire buy it to order from a Lowe's, Home Depot, or whoever you have locally. Have the wire the gage, the length, and your color choice rolled into the same coil. Mark the beginning of the coil and tie it in 3 or 4 places so it stays tight. At home drop the coil in a bucked and wrap a loose weight around your wires with a enough weight to keep the loops from flopping out of the bucket. When you pull your wires they will have a nice twist and they will actually pull easier and with less tangling.
   I won't start another argument about how stranded wire is better but it is.

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To twist or not to twist, that is the question and I guess it's up to us as individuals to adopt a "Chubby Checker" approach like he did a number of summers ago or not. What I do know is that they are essential. 
The question I'd like to pose is " is there a long forgotten or unawareness of a CV which enhances performance of a DCC decoder equipped model train. 
Bachman 31-659DS class 47 47001 BR Blue ( with sound) 
Is slower than 
Bachmann 31-660A class 47/4 4744 "UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM BR Blue Large Logo
Principle CVs 2,5,6,3,4 are the same.
 I have a NCE power cab which I got following a discussion at Hattons which I am very pleased with. I'm new to the hobby. 
I look forward to any comments 
Best David 


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The buss wires can be run through the same hole without a problem.  You can also twist them.  

Jerry Michels
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