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To twist or not to twist, that is the question and I guess it's up to us as individuals to adopt a "Chubby Checker" approach like he did a number of summers ago or not. What I do know is that they are essential. 
The question I'd like to pose is " is there a long forgotten or unawareness of a CV which enhances performance of a DCC decoder equipped model train. 
Bachman 31-659DS class 47 47001 BR Blue ( with sound) 
Is slower than 
Bachmann 31-660A class 47/4 4744 "UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM BR Blue Large Logo
Principle CVs 2,5,6,3,4 are the same.
 I have a NCE power cab which I got following a discussion at Hattons which I am very pleased with. I'm new to the hobby. 
I look forward to any comments 
Best David 


On 30 Jun 2018, at 14:48, Jerry Michels <gjmichels53@...> wrote:


The buss wires can be run through the same hole without a problem.  You can also twist them.  

Jerry Michels
Amarillo Railroad Museum

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