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We experience a similar problem on a friends 25-year old layout. The layout was built with Atlas and later with some Shinohara turnouts. DCC was employed a few years after. Because the layout was built as DC all four rails on the frog side of the turnouts have insulated joiners.

There are two NCE EB3's involved, however neither indicated a short. Testing with a meter is almost impossible as the engine restarts before a meter can be used.

The problem happens mostly with 6-axle diesels and one or two 8-coupled steam engines. Four turnouts act up. Three are Atlas, but only one turnout in a Shinohara double crossover. Engines stall on the turnout then restart most often without human assistance.

The diesels are mostly DCC-ized Athearn 6-axle engines. But not all have the problem. The steamers are Broadway Limited 4-axle. Before I put the decoders in, the diesels sat on the shelf for at least ten years. I used NCE basic decoders. The original motors were left in.

Of course the problem never occurs when you are eyeballing the site.

Oddly enough, I had put a decoder into an old Penn-line 4-wheel Plymouth diesel, it has no problems navigating the turnouts.


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Everything is running pretty well, but on occasion my Blackstone locomotives will stall on a random turnout, especially when moving slowly. And often will start moving again on their own after a brief stall. I don’t think it’s a short even though it acts like it might be.

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