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I was foolish enough to have a gently sweeping curve with a bit of camber. Possibly the biggest mistake I ever made - not even an LGB crocodile could get through... It looked spectacularly natural, but I had to go back to an ordinary flat curve because of contact problems.


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Hi Kim,

My website has a table of wire sizes that are appropriate for each scale.  You can find the table for bus wires at:

For feeders, use this table:

For general information on DCC in the garden, check out this page based on my garden railroad:

Soldering to G-scale track takes a lot of heat.  If you can find clamps that will clamp your wires to your track, you may want to use those.  Be sure your track is clean where you intend to clamp it.

Putting boosters in your garden can be done, but keeping the water out of them can be difficult.  So if you can, locate your boosters close to the garden.  Twist your wires and use snubbers at the ends of your runs.

I've not used NCE equipment in the garden, so I'll leave the recommendations as to what equipment should be used to those with the experience. (I plan to use NCE equipment in my next garden railway, but that may be a few years off.)

Allan Gartner
Wiring For DCC

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